Thursday, October 20, 2016

New Path

It has been awhile, here I come back to blog again.
It's end of year 2016 and I going to have my convocation ceremony soon.

4 years it's kinda short, we play, we study, we cry, complaint, we escape...
Looking back, after Form 5, I did admire those rich kids, they have plenty of choices, went to famous college and pursue their favorite course, while I have only 1 choice which is Form 6.

Yes, here come with my turning point.
I make friends, I joined event, I organised event, and as a Form 6 students, we did make friends with teachers.

After STPM, here come with another decision making point, which is choose our preferred university and course. I did get offer, but I get something out of my choices ( Industrial statistics, what's that). Well I have no choice again, just heading myself to Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM).

First thing when you enter university is register yourself at respective hostel. Well I have been arranged to stay at Dewan Penginapan Pelajar (DPP) MAS.  New environment, new furniture and new friends.


 After checked in our own room, here start with 4 days orientation. Well it was tiring but memorable.
Dewan Mu'adzam Shah UUM

Yes here come with the topic of making new friends. They are the first batch of people who step in my university life, hostelmate. Yeah we are from DPP MAS.


We chit chat, we eat, we cook, we play and we travel together.

Besides, I have joined HIH under the moonlight for my 1st semester. Well It's a mooncake festival event, the organization need to organized the event which consist of 2300 audience. That time I am a AJK under bureau programme. 

HIH bureau programme

After that, during my 2nd semester I joined USTS which is a springs festival. Same with first semester I joined as an AJK under bureau Programme. Experience gained and make a lot of new friends. 

USTS 2013 Pro team

When you mix with a gang of crazy people you definitely have a crazy life.

After this I continue to joined USTS in my 4th semester, this time I joined as different role, Exco of bureau programme. 

USTS 2014 MT EXO Team
USTS 2014 Programme
With my beloved team
USTS 2014  Emcee Team

USTS 2014 succeed <3
 After that I joined again USTS at my 6th semester. I joined as management team. I learnt and gained a lot from that. Well organized a 2300 audience event is not easy plus we have banquet tables. Everything need to be well planned mistake is not allow. 

1. Event name
2. Event theme
3. Event colour
3. Goals
4. Organization structure
5. Organization strategic
6. Event logo
7. sub event activities
8. Event T-shirt. 
9. Promotion strategic. 
10. Quality control. 
11. Budget Planning 
12. Budget control. 
13. Main Event Flow
14 and so on......

Let photos speak:-

Not to forget my coursemate, who always help each and other when we meet difficulties in assignment and also examination.

Coursemate <3

No regret for study in local university. 
I gained more than what others expected.
New chapter of life gonna begin soon.

I gonna miss my university life

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Hello 2014

A new year start with a brand new challenge.
keep on moving till success.

Saturday, December 28, 2013



Tuesday, October 1, 2013

21st birthday celebration

Here comes with the post of my 21st birthday celebration

Thank you for my uni's friends, thx for the surprising birthday celebration, thx for postponed or skip all the meeting for surprising me, love u all...
The birthday girl

The gang <3, coursemate & hostel gang

the 2nd cake from bureau program, thx programmers... <3

Here come with the MPP gang~ love this family

Here come with birthday celebration with my hometown friends & family
Still happy birthday to Pei Yong

Penanag's friends, thx for coming, & thx for the love u all give me, i love u all too.

My cute daddy & mummy

Appreciated <3 
Simple life, simple smile.

Friday, September 20, 2013

sem 3 start

I am too lazy to update my blog. 
Here comes with some simple update.
I have been to uni for a year & now i am officially a sem 3 student.
uni already reopen for 2 weeks.
Holiday ended & back to school.
Unlike last 2 sem i was joining some activities, this sem is too free for me...
can i call this as rest?
Happy Mid-Autumn Festival.
Love the people around you & appreciate them as well. <3

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

marry you - K.Will

I found this song, it is kind nice English song from a Korean singer.
Warm & touch...
when i 1st listen to this song~ i felt like "OMG, I am blushing"...
Nice lyrics , it;s kinda perfect...
Yeah you will listen before if you are watching "WE GOT MARRIED", global version...

  Close Your Eyes, From Now You Have To Hear Me Say

   閉上妳的雙眼  從現在開始只需聽我說

 Take My Hand, You'll Reach Out To My Heart 

   握住我的手  妳就能觸及我的心

 And Then Feel The Heat,  I'm Gonna Be Your Shining Star
   然後感受這溫度  我想成為妳的閃亮之星
   Like Boys to Men, Now I 'm On Bended Knee
   現在我屈膝跪下 像男孩蛻變成男人

   Oh My Love Is All I Have To Give To You 

   噢 我所能給的僅僅是我的愛  

 But I'll Do Anything For You 


 I Promise You, Till The End Of Time

   我向妳允諾  直到時間的盡頭

   I'll Make You a Paradise And Need Your Advice 
   我會為妳建造一座天堂  但需要妳應允
 Please Be On My Side Forever, Babe 

   寶貝 請永遠留在我身邊

   Like a Half a Pair Of Dice
   I Ain't No Other Guys, You're The Only One For Me
   我非妳莫屬   對我來說妳是唯一
   Let Me Love You, I Surely Want To Marry You

   讓我愛妳  我確信想和妳結婚

   Eyes On Me, You Don't Have To Tell Me Why 

   注視著我  妳無須告訴我理由

 Don't Be Shy, I Can See It In Your Eyes
   別害羞  我能從妳眼裡看出答案
 Feel The Heat, I'm Gonna Be Your Shining Star 
   感受這溫度  我想成為妳的閃亮之星
 Like Boys to Men, now I'm on bended knee

   現在我屈膝跪下 像男孩蛻變成男人

   Oh My Love Is All I have To Give To You
   噢  我所能給的僅僅是我的愛 
 But I'll Do Anything For You 
 I Promise You, Till The End Of Time
   我向妳允諾  直到時間的盡頭

   I'll Make You a Paradise And Need Your Advice
   我會為妳建造一座天堂  但需要妳應允
 Please Be On My Side Forever, Babe
   寶貝 請永遠留在我身邊
   Like a Half a Pair Of Dice 
 I Ain't No Other Guys, You're The Only One For Me
   我非妳莫屬   對我來說妳是唯一
 Let Me Love You, I Surely Want To Marry You
   讓我愛妳   我確信想和妳結婚

   In The Park Or In The Dark
 I'll Be Dancing When I'm With You 
   Any Place Is Paradise
 When I Look In Your Eyes, I Can Feel Your Heart
   當我望著妳的雙眼  我能感覺妳的心
 You're My Mind, You're My Soul

   I Want To Marry You, And Spend My Life With You 
   我想娶妳  並與妳共度此生
 Please Be On My Side Forever, Babe 
   寶貝 請永遠留在我身邊
   I Really Want To Marry You 
 Guess How Much I Love You 
   You're The Only One For Me 
 I've Made Up My Mind, Surely I Will Marry You
   我已下定決心  確信將與妳共度一生

   Just Wanna Marry You

Monday, July 15, 2013


have u ever dream of your future???
yes it's definitely too far yet it seems close.
what kind of person u want to be???
what kind of life u dream of???
yet reality full with a lot of obstacles.
when we grow older we need to face a lot of problems.
from tiny to huge, everyone has their own story.
look back to my live, it was just ordinary.
Sometimes i do admire other people's life.
as a girl sometime i do feel jealous.
i always think that 20th life should be colourful & bright.
Instead it not turning out like what i have thought.
In reality life, colourful =  spend money 
i am very doubt, how can this 2 terms equivalent.
i am still searching my way, the colourful way that i like.
i am still on my way searching for direction. 
instead i getting lose.
it's 3.30 a.m. good night.

i love you forever.