Thursday, October 20, 2016

New Path

It has been awhile, here I come back to blog again.
It's end of year 2016 and I going to have my convocation ceremony soon.

4 years it's kinda short, we play, we study, we cry, complaint, we escape...
Looking back, after Form 5, I did admire those rich kids, they have plenty of choices, went to famous college and pursue their favorite course, while I have only 1 choice which is Form 6.

Yes, here come with my turning point.
I make friends, I joined event, I organised event, and as a Form 6 students, we did make friends with teachers.

After STPM, here come with another decision making point, which is choose our preferred university and course. I did get offer, but I get something out of my choices ( Industrial statistics, what's that). Well I have no choice again, just heading myself to Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM).

First thing when you enter university is register yourself at respective hostel. Well I have been arranged to stay at Dewan Penginapan Pelajar (DPP) MAS.  New environment, new furniture and new friends.


 After checked in our own room, here start with 4 days orientation. Well it was tiring but memorable.
Dewan Mu'adzam Shah UUM

Yes here come with the topic of making new friends. They are the first batch of people who step in my university life, hostelmate. Yeah we are from DPP MAS.


We chit chat, we eat, we cook, we play and we travel together.

Besides, I have joined HIH under the moonlight for my 1st semester. Well It's a mooncake festival event, the organization need to organized the event which consist of 2300 audience. That time I am a AJK under bureau programme. 

HIH bureau programme

After that, during my 2nd semester I joined USTS which is a springs festival. Same with first semester I joined as an AJK under bureau Programme. Experience gained and make a lot of new friends. 

USTS 2013 Pro team

When you mix with a gang of crazy people you definitely have a crazy life.

After this I continue to joined USTS in my 4th semester, this time I joined as different role, Exco of bureau programme. 

USTS 2014 MT EXO Team
USTS 2014 Programme
With my beloved team
USTS 2014  Emcee Team

USTS 2014 succeed <3
 After that I joined again USTS at my 6th semester. I joined as management team. I learnt and gained a lot from that. Well organized a 2300 audience event is not easy plus we have banquet tables. Everything need to be well planned mistake is not allow. 

1. Event name
2. Event theme
3. Event colour
3. Goals
4. Organization structure
5. Organization strategic
6. Event logo
7. sub event activities
8. Event T-shirt. 
9. Promotion strategic. 
10. Quality control. 
11. Budget Planning 
12. Budget control. 
13. Main Event Flow
14 and so on......

Let photos speak:-

Not to forget my coursemate, who always help each and other when we meet difficulties in assignment and also examination.

Coursemate <3

No regret for study in local university. 
I gained more than what others expected.
New chapter of life gonna begin soon.

I gonna miss my university life

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